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Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland



Our mission at White Oak Villages is to allow our residents to age in place with dignity and grace. It takes a village to ensure that your loved one has a loving and nurturing environment that allows them to feel joy and peace daily. We consider ourselves a family that includes our residents, their family, and our staff. Together our goal is to give each resident all the attention and care they need to thrive as they enjoy their golden years. 


Excellence and Professionalism

At White Oak Villages, the care of our residents is our top priority. That care includes everything we would expect for our own parents:

-Highly trained, empathetic, and licensed    caregivers

-Immaculately clean facilities

-Delicious and nutritious food

-A safe, secure environment

Licensed and Insured

Licensed by The State of Maryland's Office of Health Care Quality.

Owner, Catherine Harkins, is certified by the Maryland Department of Health as an Assisted Living Facility Manager. 

Delegating Nurse, Terri Gayhardt, is certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

All Medical Technicians are licensed by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

A Walk in Park

Living at White Oak Villages

Our residents feel “at home” while living with us because they are at home. Programs are based on each resident’s individual needs and allow the most flexibility for your loved ones. When your loved one joins our family, we take the time to get to know them. We incorporate their favorite foods into the menu and play music from their favorite musicians. Our objective is to make our residents comfortable in their new home. 

Memory Care

Caring for your loved one’s memory is a very high priority at White Oak Villages. Our daily mental exercises, complemented with rigorous nutrition practices, help residents maintain a strong memory.


“…the bigger blessing is everyone that works there has been there for years and they make it fun & keep a close watch on my mom & the other residents! I have to thank the owner who takes pride in her homes and the people that work with her! They all help keep my mom safe & happy…visiting her at White Oak Villages is a true pleasure.” ~LISA PASSA


White Oak village at Rosemar


white oak village at normandy

“I cannot sing my praises loud enough for the loving care that my mom has received since the minute that she entered the cheerful White Oak Villages home. The caregivers, owner, and residents quickly became our family!”  ~ JM


“My Dad lived at Normandy for four (4) AMAZING years…The staff and owner took care of my Dad like he was a member of their own family…I will be forever grateful to the ‘angels on earth’ at Normandy for taking such loving care of my Dad.” ~LISA GRESHAM

“White Oak Villages at Rosemar is a lovely home. When I first found it as a place for my mother, I thought it was almost too good to be true. You feel like you are walking into a loving family home. The residents gather in the dining room for meals, do puzzles, listen to music, or watch tv in comfortable recliners. If it is nice outside, they can sit on the beautiful front porch overlooking a well-kept yard full of flowers.  The home is always extremely clean, and they decorate for every holiday and celebrate every birthday.  The residents are served delicious meals. I came by once to find them eating shrimp scampi for dinner and it looked amazing. I can’t praise the staff members enough. They love each resident as if they were their own parent. They are really in-tuned to the needs of your loved one. My mother is non-verbal, but the staff members can always tell when she has something going on.  I sleep well knowing Catherine and her team are caring for my mother.” ~HEATHER PACE

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